DCS 11: Managed Services Market Source

AuthorGreg Osuri, Adam Bozanich
TypeStandards Track


A permissionless market for Managed Backend Services (such as Databases) to reduce the operational burden for Tenants.


The Managed Service Market (MSM) strengthens the Akash ecosystem by unlocking a new wave of service providers and enhances the liquidity of AKT.

MSM enables creators of software to generate meaningful income while sustaining improving their work and keep software open. Today, the value capture is at a massive imbalance where Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are the biggest benefactors. MSM balances this asymmetry.


Most modern applications stacks comprise of a multi-tier application-services stack (such as databases, caches, etc).

Standard services such as databases, when managed by specialized service providers that understand how to scale and secure the service being used by the tenant, significantly simplifies operations and thereby costs for the tenants.


  • Primitives for frictionless integration with - backend services
  • Provide a pragmatic set of services at early phases to drive adoption
  • Provide a federated experience by extending identity, operational, and user interface support to a diverse set of managed services that include services from decentralized and managed infrastructure ecosystems
  • Provide a standard mechanism to decouple services from data to enable maximum possible portability such as DTP
  • Provide necessary technical and operational support

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