DCS 4: Testnet: Alpha Source

AuthorGreg Osuri, Adam Bozanich
Requires 2, 3


Launch Testnet with a fully functioning spot computing marketplace for containers and serverless deployment platform as proposed in the DCS-2. Incentivize user adoption of by applying game mechanics.


Akash is a decentralized system. Meaning, upon launch, the project team will have little control to address critical issues with regards to scalability, security, and usability.

Testing the system in the real world using a series of Testnets provides the project team with data to identify critical issues and limits of the network ahead of time.


Decentralized Computing is a novel concept that mandates user behavior change to realize value. By incentivizing adoption by applying game mechanics, we can achieve meaningful adoption while educating the user.


Akash Founder Member Challenge

Level Reward Bonus Begins Challenge
Level 1 500 AKT 25 AKT Nov 6, 2019 Deploy an end-to-end encrypted chat client on Akash. Details.
Level 2 1000 AKT 25 AKT Nov 12, 2019 Deploy a secure, decentralized, real-time messaging service on Akash. Details.
Level 3 2000 AKT 2000 AKT Nov 21, 2019 Sell your spare capacity on Akash. Details.


  • Completed Deployments: 1802. Proof.
  • Active Deployments: 399. Proof.
  • Developers: 68. Proof.
  • Providers: 144. Proof.